House of Conscious Healing
Where the healing that comes from within.

Where Healing comes from within.


House of conscious healing in itself is an entity, but is presented entirely by me, Jennifer Hansen.  I offer natural health programs for a healthier and more vibrant YOU.

Would you like to feel full of energy, physically lean and strong, mentally focused, emotionally balanced, and eager to live life to the fullest?  Are you tired of being on synthetic, unnatural medicines, which only create more health problems?  Would you like to sleep well, to wake up rested, and improve your digestion? Would you like to feel revitalized after you eat, to balance your blood sugar and hormones, which can prevent disease and decline?

HELP is here.  Now is the time to enter the House of Conscious Healing.

I offer my services either in person, or online through Skype or Google+.

Check out my services page for more information on the holistic health programs that I offer.

Why choose House of Conscious Healing?

  • Holistic healing strategies that are based upon individual needs rather than a broad impersonalized assessment and planned strategy.
  • I believe that we can heal ourselves from all negativity in our lives and I direct you into that path.
  • Your healing and health is my number one priority! 24 hour support and sliding scale options are available!
  • Holistic health is a natural modality that will assist you with connecting your physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual bodies together, which create perfect harmony in your life.